When I was little I played in the backyard until after dark. Because my eyes would adjust with the sunset and I honestly thought it was still light enough to build things. The things I made were more like bike-town-worlds. and unsafe places to crawl into.

Today I do the same thing.

I made art feverishly post college (University of Mary Washington. which has a treasure of an art department.) and it was mostly for an independent experimental theater company based in New York. So, I was hauling work around, keeping late nights, and teaching here and there while also working a full time job at a legal office.

I set myself up to make the leap into full time art four years ago. And, I have been documenting my creative pursuit on my blog, Riding Bareback Beside a Train, since even before I left my day job. Click on the blog link above and follow me.

I believe art (something worth saying) includes sacrifice and that sacrifice takes on many different forms. But, that sacrifice has pushed me into amazing places. Some hard. Some gifts. But continually pursuing the things I love has blessed me with opportunity.

I am a teacher and the Art Director for LIVE ART, a collaborative theater arts organization for students with and without special needs. It is my soul.  I also draw, paint, write, sculpt, and design. Click on each gallery above to get a more complete view of the work that I do. I am also in school studying to be a Sign Language Interpreter, this lines up with my creative pursuit and work with Live Art.

My medium is less important than my voice. and I like too many different things way too much to focus entirely on one. So, while I spend a lot of time in the theater, or a studio, I am mostly in love with the potential of art, so I will carry that as far as I can. And, I will often carry it with people. I believe in the power of art. I believe in life as art. And, in the greatness of reality.

Art is dangerous. Make it.