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Fine art prints of illustrations:
10″ x 10″ $35.00
15″ x 15″ $50.00
20″ x 20″ $75.00

print shipping- $5.00

sales tax is additional for those purchases made in VA


Prices are listed under the painting’s image. email about availability! I do not sell fine art prints of paintings. Sometimes paintings don’t make it to my website and sell directly off my blog. So, check there too. or schedule a gallery visit to see the newest pieces.

You will get an email confirming the order. with the total. and payment information (VENMO)

No payment until the order is confirmed.


There is one small owl that completes all orders. you can be astonished by her work or blame her for the time it takes. it’s just her. so. sometimes delivery times vary. AND YOU GUYS. if it is a rush. please say so. she will try very hard.

and, thank you. If I could send you a milkshake I would. If I could have it myself though, I would probably drink at least half.